Flowers are always a winner

This race has been popular year after year, with this year being the 59th event, this is a race not to be missed. It has become an enduring fixture on the yearly running calendar and beloved by the runners of Christchurch now for over a half a century.  Organised by the Methodist Harriers club, this race is one of Canterbury’s longest-running events, and we celebrate every year we can get out and enjoy it.

So what makes the idea of running this race to Lyttelton from Governor’s Bay so popular?

We think it is because it is handicapped and that means there is always someone to catch and others coming from behind. It adds a real competitive edge regardless of ability.  The race draws people of all abilities and ages. Some entrants use this race to look for areas of running improvement, others might smash it out as a competitive training session. The road surface is easy to run and the scenery brings runners along for the participation, atmosphere and pure enjoyment factor of running with a view.

The other reason this race is so special is the original prizegiving finish celebrated by artfully selected flowers. Podium finish placeholders take home a bouquet and there are 10 floral spot prizes up for grabs.  Best of all, every participant is a winner.  All race entrants take home a single bloom and can keep celebrating for days what they have achieved. People train really hard day in day out. We like to extend that feeling one has after completing a race with flowers.




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