About us

New Methodist LogoThe Christchurch Methodist Harrier Club is a traditional running group with family values at its core. It merged with the Presbyterian Harrier Club in the 1990’s to form a small group that meet regularly in winter to enjoy a once-a-week run. “I like to meander along at my own pace, soaking up the birdsong, the perfume & fresh air ” – says the secretary of the club Lindsay.

This is a very social club with partners, extended friends and family all enjoying getting out and participating. There are no pretentions with this group – the focus is on fun, fellowship and achieving to the best of your ability. The iconic tent and the fabulous post-race afternoon teas at the winter athletic events are a real reflection of the values upheld by the club and Athletics Canterbury very much appreciate the spirit exhibited by club members over their long association.

This club is the club for you if you enjoy a getting outside, being active and enjoying it. Sometimes they even walk – when no one is looking! Take your time, and soak it all in.

For general enquiries contact race organiser:

Lindsay Evans  03 3554 356  |  0211 855 440  email




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